Curatorial Programme – Pickling for…

Curatorial Programme – Pickling for Posterity pt. I


Departing from the question, “How can we find ways to care for each other better?” which has guided other indias’ organizing principles and activities; we invite you to a two-day participatory public program on October 8 and November 5, 2023. Click here to register.

In the south asian context, pickle-making is a communal and cumbersome activity that relies on ancestral knowledge, often passed on and sustained through oral traditions or by the act of ‘making’ together. Communities continue to come together, usually in preparation for the cold months ahead, despite capitalist and brahminical patriarchal systems erasing the labor and care involved in this practice. Pickling is both a tool of resistance to these systems and is also a discipline that allows for the discovery of more tools, more hope that bolster the resistance.

Pickling for Posterity is an urgent yet gentle attempt to document and understand this knowledge of our intellectual ancestors in hope of finding collective tools of resistance and care; other indias would like to hold space for learning by listening, making, sharing and storytelling. The two-day manifestation will involve a communal study, pickling session, film program, talk, discussion and archiving, spread across a month. We ask for your commitment on both days of the program.

other indias is a Netherlands-based socio-political and cultural collective in the making for movements, experiences and voices that are generous to the cause of collective liberation in/of the Indian subcontinent* and its people. We are a small group of volunteers in the Netherlands working together to share and disseminate counter hegemonic voices and work concerning India. We do so through regular film screenings, workshops and lectures.