Curatorial Programme 2023 –…

Curatorial Programme 2023 – “Infrastructures of Feeling”, with Ruth Wilson Gilmore


A collective reading of “Abolition Geography and the Problem of Innocence,” from Abolition Geographies with the presence of the author, Ruth Wilson Gilmore.

“In the material world, infrastructure underlies productivity—it speeds some processes and slows down others, setting agendas, producing isolation, enabling cooperation. The infrastructure of feeling is material too, in the sense that ideology becomes material as do the actions that feelings enable or constrain. The infrastructure of feeling is then consciousness-foundation, sturdy but not static, that underlies our capacity to select, to recognize viscerally (no less than prudently) immanent possibility as we select and reselect liberatory lineages—in a lifetime, as Du Bois and Tubman exemplify, as well as between and across generations.” — Ruth Wilson Gilmore