Curatorial Programme 2023 – won’t…

Curatorial Programme 2023 – won’t you celebrate with me?

Metro54 (Westerdoksdijk 597)

*Offsite: Metro54 (Westerdoksdijk 597)

Hope is a project of communal labor — something we undertake together, using the resources we already have. After Lucile Clifton’s poem, “won’t you celebrate with me,” an ode to survival, we invite you to reflect on “hope” with us in a live recorded, marathon show-and-tell. Bring a recorded offering (a song, poem, or text) that reanimates the meaning of hope in your life, and tell us about it. We’ll weave the sounds and stories together into a collective sonic lecture.

Metro54 is a platform for young artists, thinkers, activists, writers and hustlers who push the boundaries of their (art) disciplines, with special attention to the talents who draw their inspiration from global and contemporary visual and sonic cultures. The space is a critical celebration, a funeral, a cypher of beings and through experiments, performances, conversations, workshops and dancing, a space for coming together, emergent and everyday strategies of being (together). Here, we hangout, see, talk, listen, ponder, perform, laugh, gossip, giggle, learn and make together.