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Conversation between Ka-Tjun Hau and David Smeulders
De Appel is pleased to announce that Ka-Tjun Hau took on the role of Curator of Embedded Art (formerly titled Curator of Education) as of March 1 of this year. Ka-Tjun took over the position from David Smeulders, who has taken on this role since 2017 and has shaped it with commitment. To mark this change in de Appel’s team between David’s leaving and Ka-Tjun’s arrival, they sat down together to discuss the role of education within the arts and specifically at de Appel.
Assembling Land podcast series
Assembling Land: Rehearsals Towards Place-making is de Appel’s COOP study group at DAI Roaming Academy unfolding throughout 2024. Through the group’s monthly encounters, five podcasts will share the harvest of each iteration with attuned overarching themes as departure points.
Edgelanders: interview with Ehsan Fardjaniya and Raul Balai
Between April 13 and June 4, 2024, de Appel will present the video installation Edgelanders: Amsterdam on Trial / Part III: The Witnesses, as part of a larger project by artists Ehsan Fardjaniya and Raul Balai. In conversation, the artists talk more about their collaboration, the previous two parts of the project and what they are planning in the future.
Stressing Solidarity: four gatherings on Palestine
Four cultural institutions host events to stay connected and vocal about the genocide in Palestine.