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Event through December 03
Drawing Faces (in Terror Times) is organized with de Appel and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and shaped through a year-long research by Edwin Nasr, de Appel’s 2021-2022 Curatorial Programme Fellow. The two-day programme takes as its starting point The Neighbour (2005), a painting by South African, Amsterdam-based artist Marlene Dumas. Drawing Faces (in Terror Times) implicates Dumas’ portrait in order to think through the problem-space of identification, as well as representation writ large, among carceral, racial, and postcolonial lines.
Exhibition through December 11
From 13 October the exhibition Domestic Optimism from the visual artist Emma Wolf-Haugh (1974, Dublin) can be seen at de Appel. In de Livingroom sculptures, printed matter, video and textile come together as informal environ, creating the comfort from which to pick at the threads of the patriarchal tales of modernist architecture – by means of its own narrative.
Exhibition through November 06
In the fourth and final episode of super feelings we dive into the currents of the human body and its image. You are warmly invited to join us for the opening of Sanctuary Sites by Liverpool and Amsterdam-based artist Kate Cooper.
Exhibition through October 23
Autumn arrives and episode 3 of super feelings breaks on the shoreline of de Appel’s Aula. We welcome the artist Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi with into the earth below, the blue blur of bones. Nguyen-Chi presents a new installation environment encompassing her film Into The Violet Belly (2022), recently presented at the 12th Berlin Biennale.
Exhibition through October 09
For episode 2 of super feelings we welcome the artist Paola Siri Renard. what will you be then Oneiroi? – glamour consists of a series of sculptural mutants, washed up gently on the sandy floor and hanging in the Aula’s airspace. The ‘Oneiroi’ of the episode’s title refers to the winged daemones (spirits) of Greek mythology.
Exhibition through September 25
In episode 1 of super feelings we welcome the artist Jota Mombaça with sinking could be. In an episode that is both a performance and its residue, Mombaça bathes de Appel’s space in blue light and lays a provisional landscape of sand dunes on the Aula floor.
Event through November 05
Coming up: Museumnacht 2022 at de Appel! Click here for our full programme and information about the pendelbus in Nieuw-West.
Event through October 19
The last intervention in the series On the poverty of lived experience sheds light on the experimental practice of filmmaker Serge Garcia, hosting the first screening of his short films Grand Central Hotel (2021) and Cycle One (2021) in the Netherlands. The screening will be accompanied by an introduction and a Q&A with the filmmaker, and takes place at Lab 111.
Event through September 28
With the lecture performance Sleep /wi/th a/n ey/e o/pe/n and/ you/ will/ see /your/self, Betina Abi Habib stages rectifications of Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “The sleeper in the valley” (French: “Le dormeur du val”). With this work, Abi Habib continues to explore the dynamic relationship between language and affect, translation and interpretation, memory, and the malleability of experience, through the life of a poem and the way it grew on and with her.
Exhibition through September 30
From June 15th the work of photographer Stephan Keppel will be on view in de Livingroom. Keppel photographs the urban-fabric of cities he meanders through. With his camera he focusses his gaze on the details that are usually overlooked by our daily gaze. He looks for pattern(s) by means of the small stiches in our metropolitan reality, or even better, there where the configuration of the urban fabric slips or has been stretched and manipulated by use. Upon these outings into the cityscapes, he frames and captures the many different smaller rhythms and patterns present in our daily urban life.
Exhibition through August 28
From July 3rd the Peruvian artist Andrea Canepa (Lima, 1980) has taken on the Aula space of de Appel as the site for her continued fascination and investigation into the organization of the physical and social structures of our everyday lives. By juxtaposing the architectural narratives of this monumental interior with human movement, the possible social realities of its past and present open up opportunities to reinterpret the space and its many meanings
Event through June 24
On the 24th of June, Ann Demeester will moderate an evening about about innovation in the arts and the need for continuity. Since five years de Appel again has a remarkable home: Broedplaats Lely, a brutalistic building in a diffuse part of town, where the accelerated effects of the gentrification of the surrounding are clearly visible. As an institution de Appel is part of this ongoing temporality. Now that the precarity this enhances seems to become more extensive, it is time to start the conversation.
Exhibition through June 25
Where do you feel at home? Stories of Belonging is an exhibition and public programme developed by de Appel and the students of the Comenius Lyceum. Now it will travel to the Van Deysselbuurt! From the 11th to the 24th of June everyone can visit the exhibition and the public programme in Theater van Deyssel, a dependence of Theater Frascati at the Lodewijk van Deysselstraat.
Exhibition through May 29
As part of the long-term collaboration between de Appel and artist Mariana Lanari, the exhibition Catching Up in the Archive will present Lanari's ongoing research into archival infrastructures and the mediation between physical and digital libraries.
Click here to watch the recording of 'Under the spell of Leonora Carrington'. In the run-up to the Venice Biennale, Amsterdam Art in collaboration with de Appel organised an evening about Leonora Carrington, that took place on the 13th of April. Who was Leonora Carrington? Why are more and more art lovers becoming fascinated by her work?
Exhibition through March 27
‘Stories of Belonging’ creates space for the often invisible stories of our neighbours in Amsterdam West, stories that explore when we feel at home somewhere.‘Stories of Belonging’ will take shape as an exhibition with work by several artists and students at de Appel and a series of meetings about stories that deserve to be told.
The new publication 'Drafting futures, remembering a building' by Rosa te Velde explores, connects and recalls the many lives of one building in Amsterdam Nieuw-West over the span of more than sixty years. Plans for the future are constantly made and unmade – what will this place become? How does this building help to understand the ideologies behind city planning, segregation and gentrification?
Livestream through January 20
de Appel's 2022 Keynote on January 17th will be presented by poet, writer and translator Mayra A. Rodríguez Castro, in which she will consider passage as a visionary interval. This event will be livestreamed on our website.
New Barbizon is a celebrated collective of five painters: Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi, Olga Kundina, Maria Pomiansky, Anna Lukashevsky, Natalia Zourabova… Visit the new website dedicated to work that the five artists produced while in Amsterdam...