Opening Hope is a discipline: We just…

Opening Hope is a discipline: We just Wah Fu Dance


Image by Nikola Lamburov

Come celebrate the opening of Hope is a discipline! Bring along your dancing shoes and outfits because, in the words of Trinidadian activist and singer Calypso Rose, we just “Wah Fu Dance.” Food by khwabgah culture kitchen.

Doors open
Warm-Up: words by the Curatorial Programme 2023 participants
Afterparty: DJ set by Chinnamasta

Partner bio
Chinnamasta is an Amsterdam based Caribbean DJ and sonic / cultural researcher, with DJing being an extension of her practice, research and presentation. She is mostly interested in the cross pollination of sonic landscapes and cultures between peoples. Her sets are layered, eclectic, energetic and flavourful. Linking to histories, presents and futures through rhythms, archives, samples, vocals and bass from across the Afro Diaspora; traveling the sonic journey of the Atlantic, Indian and Caribbean. Chinnamasta, meaning the goddess of Death, Rebirth and contradictions, is on the quest to recover and uncover the significant impact and influence of Caribbean music worldwide, and the cross pollination of cultures within the post-colonial Afro Diasporic sonic global culture.