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De Appel is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00-18:00

The Archive is open on Wednesday and Thursday, 14:00-18:00. In the months July and August, the Archive is open by appointment only.

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What’s on
Today, July 5
de Appel Amsterdam is closed today. We will be open again on Wednesday, July 6.

Meanwhile you can visit the New Barbizon online presentation, read about our new publication Drafting futures, remembering a building, or rewatch the Darby English's Keynote The King's Two Bodies.
Tomorrow, July 6
Exhibition through September 01
From June 15th the work of photographer Stephan Keppel will be on view in de Livingroom. Keppel photographs the urban-fabric of cities he meanders through. With his camera he focusses his gaze on the details that are usually overlooked by our daily gaze. He looks for pattern(s) by means of the small stiches in our metropolitan reality, or even better, there where the configuration of the urban fabric slips or has been stretched and manipulated by use. Upon these outings into the cityscapes, he frames and captures the many different smaller rhythms and patterns present in our daily urban life.
An Interior Motion
Andrea Canepa
through August 28
From July 3rd the Peruvian artist Andrea Canepa (Lima, 1980) has taken on the Aula space of de Appel as the site for her continued fascination and investigation into the organization of the physical and social structures of our everyday lives. By juxtaposing the architectural narratives of this monumental interior with human movement, the possible social realities of its past and present open up opportunities to reinterpret the space and its many meanings
through September 28
Energy practice exploring dynamics of being present (physical, energetic, and conceptual). Simple yet profound movements based on Chi Kung (rooted in Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts).
Online Presentation
Between sunrise and sunset on 30 November 2020, de Appel devotes space and time to remembering ULAY (born Frank Uwe Laysiepen on 30 November 1943 in Solingen, Germany), an artist and much more, who shaped our institution profoundly and who passed away on March 2nd this year.
To celebrate the publication: Audre Lorde – Dream of Europe: selected seminars and interviews: 1984–1992 (Kenning Editions, 2020), de Appel organised a close reading group starting late September 2020, in order to collectively read and give voice to Lorde’s work as assembled in this book.