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De Appel is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00-18:00

The Archive is open on Wednesday and Thursday, 14:00-18:00. In the months July and August, the Archive is open by appointment only.

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What’s on
Today, December 5
de Appel Amsterdam is closed today. We will be open again on Wednesday, December 7.

Meanwhile you can watch the documentation of our evening Permanent Temporality, read about our publication Drafting futures, remembering a building, or rewatch the Darby English's Keynote The King's Two Bodies.
December 7

through September 07
Energy practice exploring dynamics of being present (physical, energetic, and conceptual). Simple yet profound movements based on Chi Kung (rooted in Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts).
through December 11
From 13 October the exhibition Domestic Optimism from the visual artist Emma Wolf-Haugh (1974, Dublin) can be seen at de Appel. In de Livingroom sculptures, printed matter, video and textile come together as informal environ, creating the comfort from which to pick at the threads of the patriarchal tales of modernist architecture – by means of its own narrative.
through February 19
On the 24th of June, Ann Demeester will moderate an evening about about innovation in the arts and the need for continuity. Since five years de Appel again has a remarkable home: Broedplaats Lely, a brutalistic building in a diffuse part of town, where the accelerated effects of the gentrification of the surrounding are clearly visible. As an institution de Appel is part of this ongoing temporality. Now that the precarity this enhances seems to become more extensive, it is time to start the conversation.
Online Presentation
Between sunrise and sunset on 30 November 2020, de Appel devotes space and time to remembering ULAY (born Frank Uwe Laysiepen on 30 November 1943 in Solingen, Germany), an artist and much more, who shaped our institution profoundly and who passed away on March 2nd this year.
To celebrate the publication: Audre Lorde – Dream of Europe: selected seminars and interviews: 1984–1992 (Kenning Editions, 2020), de Appel organised a close reading group starting late September 2020, in order to collectively read and give voice to Lorde’s work as assembled in this book.