Curatorial Programme 2023 – Tropical…

Curatorial Programme 2023 – Tropical Tap Water Presents: Jamal Liance


Note: Postponed to November 12, 2023

Tropical Tap Water Presents: Jamal Liance sees the culmination of workshops between Tropical Tap Water and the five grey parrots (a.k.a. De Appel Curatorial Programme 2023) on harvesting and friendship. Departing off of methodologies — of documenting and distributing information resources, time, space and knowledge, harvesting through foamis (a flexible clay material), drawings and jamming through sound — informs not only the current practice of Tropical Tap Water but also bridges over into working with their amazing friends and artists Özgür Atlagan and Sungeun Lee, among whom they all collectively jam together in the eponymously titled, Jamming Group.

This moment of sharing, remembering and overlapping has manifested itself into the spirit of Jamal Liance (i.e. the alliance of jammings) ‘who’ arrives at Hope is a discipline as a friend, guest, host, organizer, facilitator, writer, listener, occasional education-programmer, emailer, mysterious figure and poster designer.

Jamal Liance (b. 2020). Pronouns they/them or all of them, is a collective subject which has always been there, making noise, but just last week they came to ask us to please name them as Jamal Liance. We thought they came to kiss us so we blushed, but no. We are aware that next month they could have another name and it is fine! Since we dont believe in stiff identities, we believe in articulations. One thing you have to know about Liance is that it is huge but fragile, as big and subtle as three continents that start with “A” and that finally caress their borders after centuries of hope. Liance lungs usually wear communal space makeup which attracts music and other contagious sounds shapes to happen. And you, yes You our dear short-bio reader, have to know this: We are writing this Liance´s short-bio from a corner of their left lung. You are welcome to come here and breathe together. We wait for you and your friends while we drum some alveoli and play songs to make babies. Come!