Vito Acconci

Vito Acconci (1940–2017)

Also known as
Acconci Studio


1940, New York, woont/werkt aldaar

Vito Acconci – The Red Tapes, archive

name of the artist and the performance

Vito Acconci – The Red Tapes, archive

informations about the performance

Videotapes, archive

Basic information and announcement video programme.

12 Films choice by Vito Acconci
Press Photos off the film β€œPhantom of the Paradise” by Brian De Palma, collection (unintended)

Eleven artists and an artists’ collective were invited to select a film that would be shown in 6 Dutch theatres. Inspired by their personal choice, each artist would make a new work that was exhibited in De Appel on December 12. Vito Acconci selected β€˜Phantom of the paradise’, directed by Brian de Palma in 1974. These are 2 film stills from the movie.

Vito Acconci – Step Piece, collection (unintended)

6 consecutive images of man stepping on and off a stool with accompanying written progress reports. Record of performance in 1970
BW Gloss print on foam

Vito Acconci β€œThe PeopleMobile” Photographs, photograph

3 BW photographs. In collaboration with de Appel.Project for five Dutch city squares, consisting of a lorry, twenty-eight metal panels measuring 200 x 90 x 6 cm, and sound equipment. The peoplemobile went to locations chosen by Acconci and remained there for three days, where a different construction was built each day: a table with bench, a hut or a wall. Four speakers were placed on the lorry and broadcast specially made sounds and messages at the location.