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De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 4 –…

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 4 – Real = Real

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 4 – Real = Real
de Appel, Amsterdam, 1982
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Jerry Mander – Four Arguments for the elimination of television, an introduction to Mander’s ideas, on which he will give a talk Teun Hocks, artist contribution John Kormeling – announcement of a lecture in De Appel during which the Workings of the Design-machine will be demonstrated. Ton Zwerver – Livingroom sculpture made up of household goods for the duration of one day Dick Raaymakers talks to Josine van Droffelaar about Micro Man, a table theatre piece first performed in the dissection room of the Binnengasthuis – presentation De Appel. Dick Raaymakers – A brief phenomenology of falling Lon de Vries Robbe, artist contribution Johan Cornelissen, a journey along the equator (III) – Fragments of letters and two cables. List with presentation points, where the works are on show. Signalized: City Thoughts, a new centre for the regular exchange of ideas on Theory and practice related to international visual arts. Wink van Kempen – artist contribution; English translation of the text by Ortega y Gasset: see page 36. Raul Marroquin – Waiters, Waitresses, Chiefs de cuisine, Shop Attendants and Deliverers of Amsterdam, artist contribution. Plowmans Lunch – Lawrence Weiner talks to Michael Gibbs about his newestFilm, produced by De Appel. Plowmans Lunch – Lawrence Weiner, a review of the film by Saskia Bos. Plowmans Lunch – data. English Translation of text on artist page of Wink van Kempen. The Federation of video artists – announcement of the establishment of a new organisation; design Annie Wright.