de Appel

de Appel

Also known as
de Appel arts centre, affiche

Alison Knowles - Collections from the full moon, archive

Basic information and picture of the performance.

Alison Knowles - Collections from the full moon, archive

Short resume of Alison Knowles and description of the performance. Performers of this performance: Barbara Bloom, Otto Middelkoop, Alison Knowles, Peter van Riper

Barbara Bloom - Ongoing Performance, archive

Barbara Bloom - Ongoing Performance, archive

Ben d’ Armagnac, Gerrit Dekker - Project, archive

Barbara Bloom - Ongoing Performance, archive

Poster John Baldessari Talking back to the media, affiche

Offset lithographic poster on paper

Poster Barbara Kruger Talking Back to the Media, affiche

Huang Yong Ping, affiche

Poster Klaus Staeck Talking back to the media, affiche

Mercury in retrograde - exhibition booklet, archive

Michael Blum (A), Mariana Castillo Deball (NL/D), Johan Cornelissen (NL), Stephan Dillemuth (D), Omer Fast (D), Aurélien Froment (FR), Dmitry Gutov (RUS), Sven Johne (D), David Maljkovic (HR), Ohad Meromi (USA), Tilmann Meyer-Faje (NL), Missingbooks (NL), Khalil Rabah (IL) and Fernando Sánchez Castillo (E).

Lawrence Weiner - Plowman’s lunch Samples for posters and invitations, collection (unintended)

Folder with drukproeven for posters invitations

Sven Augustijnen - Nicole, 368 avenue Louise - Photograph, collection (unintended)

Colour photograph (in golden metal list by Mertens) Picture was in de back of a copy of a numbered and signed book 25/25: Les Demoiselles de Bruxelles

Yoshihiro Tatsuki - for De Appel Bulletin 1982 / 02, collection (unintended)

Black and white photograph mounted on white card Photo of artist Yoshihiro Tatsuki used as front cover for 1982 de Appel bulletin no# 2.

Unknown- Pictures of people at a party, collection (unintended)

This is a selection of 71 coloured photos depecting various people, artworks, car parts, film stills and images of footage showing men boxing. There are also a number of photos showing a woman mastubating whilst her breasts are fondled by two men. The backs of some photos are stamped ‘Aug ‘79’ or ‘Sep ‘79’.

Peter Zegveld - Unknown, collection (unintended)

Painting black and gold(gouache, ink) on paper taped on carton, signed by artist

De Appel Sign, collection (unintended)

7 capital letters made of aluminium, silver color 12,2 cm in height

Luciano Castelli - Solarium Two color photographs, collection (unintended)

2 colored photos in glass frame

Monika Droste - geometric form with safety pins and wire ring, collection (unintended)

Geometric form with safety pins and wire ring in an envelope. Diameter 11 cm

Nel Vermeulen - mail art, collection (unintended)

13 Feathers and typed print on paper. 13 feathers with text which reads: “For another woman: She’s so sad, I’m glad she’s still moving.” Name and address of artists on reverse side.

Nel Vermuelen - Artist proposal / correspondence, collection (unintended)

Letters from the artist autobiography/ artist proposal, probably in correspondence with Wies Smals. The letter are written on transparent paper, rolled up in a plastic tube. papers: 24x62, 14x99 cm, tube 25x6 cm

Cellophane Appels used by Sarah van Lamsweerde - Tell/Sell, a common story Father, Can't You See I'm Burning?, collection (unintended)

Golden apples on cellophane. Institutional paraphernalia

Ries en Phil Linnartz Envelopes, collection (unintended)

A letter addressed to Seriaal, contains: 3 envelopes, 1 envelope, 1 photograph on car. Sealed with red wax.

It always jumps back and finds its way, affiche

Curatorial Training Programme: Phillip van den Bossche (B), Claudine Hellweg (NL), Rita Kersting (D), Raimundas Malašauskas (LT), Cosima Rainer (A) and Paula Toppila (SF)

Patricia Kaersenhout - Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner Too? Poster, affiche

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner Too? 8ex. 2 posters are printed doublesided with on the front title and location exhibition and on the backside plain text in black.The other 6 posters blue printed (in offset print) on the front .

Patricia Kaersenhout - Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner Too? Poster, affiche

A2 en B1 format