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De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 3 –…

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 3 – Foreign Edition

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 3 – Foreign Edition
de Appel, Amsterdam, 1982
publications de Appel


Letters to the editor
5 TV commercials
Asking questions implies many different answers, all of which can
be correct
Susan Davis – On tour
Teun Hocks – From the serie of friends and acquaintces
Johan Cornelissen – Journey along the equator in 12 months.
Experpts from letters and some telex report.
Cardena – Somos Libres!?
In Niightowls 91930), Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy used silence in a revolutionary manner. The sound track of their first ‘talkie’ produced only silence, just occasionele interrupted by incredible noise or a stifled cry.
Martin Ive- Morris Minamoto’s kamerakaze
Barbara Kruger – We will undo you
Morris Minamoto’s painterly event basically consists of a vast kantte of jokes uniquely constructed to pull the karpet from underneath the dignity of photographic authencity.
John Liggins – four photo pieces from an exhibition at: Galerie A, Klein Gartmanplantsoen 12, Amsterdam, 11.9-6.10.1982, thu-sa 14.00- 18.00
Nikolaus Urban, with reference to: studio exhibition, Singel 281,