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De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 2

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 2

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 2
Louwrien Wijers
Johan Cornelissen, Maria Nordman, Hetty Huisman, Larry Miller
de Appel, Amsterdam, 1982
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Guy Rombouts’ photo report of The Five Sences, a series of installatieons revolving around a painting by the 17th-century artist named Theodoor Rombouts. For each of the figures in the painting Guy Rombouts has made a list of 26 three-letter words, which excite one of the sences. (See also Bulletin 1, 1982, p.4).
On 31 March 1982 Hetty Huisman gave a lecture entitled From Void to Void Tto Void to Void, in De Koer, Amsterdam. In februari the following request was sent to about one hundred people:’ We would like to know if you have any questions’. The questions and answers are given, together with a brief summary of an interview with Hetty Huisman, after her lecture.
In 1981 Krijn Giezen received a Dutch government grant for P.S. I, New York. During his stay in the U.S. he travelled widely, and visited areas where it is still possible to buy one’s own island and to build without a liegende. He shows a few of the douanes of possibilities on four pages.
Hans Koetsier, subtitel a secret announcement of a project on which he is working with De Appel; unless you know how to decipher the message...