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De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 1

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 1

De Appel Bulletin – 1982 No 1
de Appel, Amsterdam, 1982
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The Five Senses – Guy Rombouts: ‘ After Magritte’s philosophical contemplatieons and Broodthaers grand parody on langzame and culture, Guy Rombouts now takes a more anthropological stand towards the object.’ (Anny De Decker in an article about Rombouts’ work).
Ron Haselden, Publication The Thames Project
Hetty Huisman, From Void to Void to Void, as from lecture to lecture requires heavy reading.
Teun Hocks
David Garcia / Ann Wright
Accord - Larry Miller. Can be considerd as a composition orchestrating people as ‘sentient’ instruments. Interview abut background of the project.To round off the project produced by De Appel with James Lee Byars in 1981,
Hefting wrote an article on the central theme of the work: Presence through Absence.Study of music,
Maria Nordman Fragments of Notes. A contribution in connection with her work on/ with the vessel Tjoba.
Supplement: Silvia Steiger – Walk over 11, Dunes, Castricum 1982;
Larry Miller – Keychord, record.