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Marco Bagnoli – Unknown…

Marco Bagnoli – Unknown ‘Installation’

de Appel, Amsterdam


1st image: B&W photo 2nd image: B&W negative on film
A broad strip of transparent paper was installed that runs from the floor, diagonally through the room, up to the opposite wall. A bright yellow lamp shines up through it, enlightening the vague, colourful marks on the strip. These marks suggest spontaneous scribbles, pattern design and scientific formulas, which are very close together from below but become more loosely arranged at the top. This suggests being able to effortlessly shift into the invisible, the infinite. As one climbs higher via the stairs, one looks back and sees at irregular intervals a dark black corridor, repeatedly illuminated for a moment by a bright flash, which makes visible the contours of a white body of coral that is hollow in the middle.Both situations are accompanied from above and below by amplified sound that is heard when the lamp flashes. The playful echo of the sound reverberates below.’ (LvG, ‘Bagnoli’, De Volkskrant, 14-11-1980.)