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Presentation ruangrupa and…

Presentation ruangrupa and Sonsbeek’16: transACTION

de Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142, Amsterdam

Final day exhibition Untitled (two takes on crisis)
As part of the Co-Speaking programme of “You Must Make Your Death Public”, ruangrupa the curators of SONSBEEK ’16 will join in at de Appel arts centre to talk about their practice in Jakarta and the way they transported it to Arnhem. Ruangrupa team member, SONSBEEK International, and some participating artists will be present in this presentation.

About ruangrupa
ruangrupa consists of about 40 artists, curators, architects, writers and historians. ruangrupa is fascinated by, and actively engaged in the issue of the common right to the city. It is known for its long-term research projects into (large) urban developments in which a relationship is established between public space, people/the public and an expanded understanding of art. This has led to unique observation methods and approaches to implementation that ruangrupa has realised through artistic events in, among other places, Jakarta, Istanbul, Sydney and Sao Paulo.
More information about ruangrupa: ruangrupa.org

From its very first edition SONSBEEK has continued to flex the boundaries of international contemporary art. With its leading editions held between 1949 and 2008, SONSBEEK has constantly played a pioneering role through its novel presentations of art in public space. In collaboration with the curatorial collective ruangrupa, SONSBEEK once again brings art to the public in 2016.
More information about SONSBEEK ’16: sonsbeek.org

Event is part of the Co-Speaking programme under the project YOU MUST MAKE YOUR DEATH PUBLIC, part of the larger project Untitled (two takes on crisis), which takes place at de Appel arts centre, the from 23rd of April to the 12th of June, 2016. It is an initiative of the 2015-16 Curatorial Programme of de Appel arts centre.

Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina – Total Cleansing Act (Purchase Order) Curatorial Programme 2016 Untitled (Two Takes On one Crisis) You Must Make Your Death Public by curators Jussi Koitela, Renee Mboya, Asep Topan

collection (unintended), 2016