Workshop Untitled (two takes on crisis)…

Workshop Untitled (two takes on crisis)

de Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142, Amsterdam

During the exhibition Untitled (two takes on crisis) ART-ViSiT offers an educative programme with a guided tour, and a workshop.

A crisis can be an economic market crashing down, but the moment when your hair looks awful but you have to catch the bus to school, is also a moment of crisis.

This exhibition is about the question on how to deal with crisis. For example, you will see a futuristic sanatorium wherein people are able to mentally recover, surrounded by paintings. In another artwork, the artist paints a tree everyday in order to get his frustrations out of his system.

We will take a look at all kinds of creative ideas the artists made up about how to act in critical situations. In the workshop we will think of new, even more creative and artistic strategies to solve a crisis ourselves. You’ll almost be looking forward to getting in a crisis!

Guided tour: 1 hour (50 euros per group of 15 students)
Guided tour and workshop: 1,5 hours (75 euros per group of 15 students)
Of course groups with more than 15 students are welcome to join as well!

Let your students discover contemporary art! De Appel arts centre and de Oude Kerk combined offer educational programs for different levels of education, both primary and secondary, by the name ART-ViSiT. The programs are put together by museum- and classroom teachers and focuses on contemporary art. The programs can consist of interactive tours, workshops or a combination. Other languages than Dutch are also offered.
Curious? For more information, or to make a reservation please contact Suzanne de Bruin at artvisit [​at​]

Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina – Total Cleansing Act (Purchase Order) Curatorial Programme 2016 Untitled (Two Takes On one Crisis) You Must Make Your Death Public by curators Jussi Koitela, Renee Mboya, Asep Topan

collection (unintended), 2016