de Appel, Prinseneiland 7, Amsterdam
‘From 3 June to 18 July 1993, De Appel presented Moving, an overview of seven years of exhibitions on the Prinseneiland. From the day the building was opened, 30 April 1986, through the exhibition by Avis Newman, shown until 23 May, 213 artists participated. Each time, the exhibition room was adapted and rebuilt according to the ideas of the invited artist. The most radical installations entirely transformed the interior: a brick wall was built and pulled down after six weeks, the glass gallery was painted or covered with text, floor and walls were painted blue, another time they were painted black or green. Small rooms were created by erecting temporary walls, and others were darkened. For Moving, various presentation forms were chosen in order to give visitors an idea of what was being shown on the Prinseneiland. Models were on display, videos on the beam of filmed installations, video interviews on monitors with artists, slide projections and photographs.’ (De Appel press release)

Avis Newman Photographs from exhibition Moving

collection (unintended), 1993

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