Ulrike Rosenbach

Ulrike Rosenbach (1943)


1943, Bad Salzdetfurth, lives/works in Saarland

Bruno Demattio, Christof Kohlhofer, Darcy Lange, Ernst Mitzka, Dennis Oppenheim, Charlemagne Palestine, Ulrike Rosenbach – Videoweek (Tapes of Studio Oppenheim), archive

Ulrike Rosenbach – Reflections on the birth of Venus, archive

Announcement video-performance and exhibition, with short resume with previous life performances of the artist. Also here mentioned are the screenings for the regular wednesday video and film evenings.

Ulrike Rosenbach – Reflections on the birth of Venus, archive

Still of the performing artist and data about the performance.

Videotapes, archive

Basic information and announcement video programme.

Ulrike Rosenbach – Venus as ‘fefaf’ – Reflections on the Birth of Venus.’, collection (unintended)

Two colour photos depicting a box of VENUS Cherry Wine. One photo shows a hand pouring wine into a glass. The second shows a Venus statue or carved candle sitting next to wine-filled glass. This artwork was created in assocaition with Rosenbach’s 1976 performance at de Appel ‘Reflections on the Birth of Venus.’ Title, date and signature of artist on back.