De Appel Curatorial Programme: BRACE…

De Appel Curatorial Programme: BRACE FOR IMPACT

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam and various locations
BRACE FOR IMPACT is the final project of De Appel Curatorial Programme 2017-18. It unravels the relationship between technology and affect. The digital age emerged with techno-positive promises of seamless transactions, unfettered global connectivity, and of the chance of being here then elsewhere in no time. We are surrounded by technologies that both aid and pressure us--from smart alarm clocks that optimise our sleep patterns to logistical infrastructures that keep increasing the speed at which people, cargo, capital, images, and ideas are mobilised. The extent to which humans are part of an immersive networks of a computational ecology is made visible in the event of a breakdown. As generations pass and more “digital natives” are born, the utopian enthusiasm for technology has begun to ebb. The conversation has begun to shift towards concerns about netizens’ dependency as well as their political complicity in the infrastructures and flows that sustain silicon giants and big data. Pessimism looms over contemporary culture. The mood oscillates between flat acceptance to panic and anticipation of a breakdown--both tinged with a sense of impending collapse. Unreleased tensions imprint on our bodies and subjectivities, simmering and growing into a latent and ambiguous force. Taking this setting as the point of departure, the artists in BRACE FOR IMPACT bring attention to the lasting, semi-conscious influence that contemporary technology and its politicised representations exert on human life. The nodes in this project challenge and complement one another to unfold the divergent ways in which technological environments shape our affective dispositions. Although we, as individual and collective bodies, remain subject to the influence of these factors, this sort of impact is not necessarily a dramatic or mobilising force. One need not brace for it, as the impact lies in the bracing itself—in anticipating dangers and misfortunes that often remain potential or imaginary. The project consists of the following presentations:

NODE #1 exhibition at De Appel 20 April—20 May Wednesday - Saturday, 14:00 till 18:00

Mehraneh Atashi Samson Young

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NODE #2 exhibition at De School 20—28 April during regular club nights **

Agnieszka Polska Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme

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NODE #3 sound-based works at De Appel

echo+seashell "I'd Rather Be in a Spaceship than on a Sinking Titanic" performance and DJ set • 20 April, 19:30

Cilia Erens "Sonic Field Walk Lely" sound exhibition • 5—12 May audio tours • 5 May, 14:00, 16:30

Jacob Kirkegaard "Thrum" performance • 14 May, 19:00

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NODE #4 time-based works at Stedelijk Museum 11 May, 19:00—21:30

Sidsel Christensen "Swallow the Journey" performance • auditorium • 19:00, 20:30 **

Jonathan Reus "if this, then that... (iMac Music)" performance • entrance hall • 19:00—21:30

Yao Qingmei "The Ecdysiast - Molt" video • Studio B • 19:00—21:30

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NODE #5 guided walk at Schiphol Airport 18 May, 15:30

(Footnotes #4) *

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NODE #6 permanent outdoor installation at De Appel 20 May

Thomas Swinkels *

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** Entrance tickets to De School on club nights required. Entrance ticket to Stedelijk Museum required. * Details to be announced soon
BRACE FOR IMPACT is curated and realised by: Sun A Moon (Korea, 1985), Luay Al Derazi (Bahrain, 1991), Jagna Lewandowska (Poland, 1986), Ong Jo-Lene (Malaysia, 1981), Arkadiusz Półtorak (Poland, 1992), Miriam Wistreich (Denmark, 1985).
Brace For Impact NODE #1 at De Appel 2018. Photo by Charlott Markus.
Brace For Impact NODE #2 at De School 2018. Photo by Charlott Markus
Brace For Impact NODE #3 at De Appel, 2018. Photo by Jimena Gabriella Gauna
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