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Allen Ruppersberg – Floor tiles with…

Allen Ruppersberg – Floor tiles with symbols

Allen Ruppersberg – Floor tiles with symbols
Collection (unintended)
Allen Ruppersberg


100 pieces of 30x30 squares of pvc laminaat tiles, with symbols (letters, characters, numbers) black symbols on white background or vice versa
Left over tiles from a work by Allen Ruppersberg was presented. On the attic of Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, he had realised a tile floor that referred to language, alphabet and arthistorical categories. The black and white tile floor, in which several texts were integrated, was shown in the former location of De Appel at Prinseneiland three years earlier. The Mondriaan Foundation supported the realisation of this design, that was adapted to the new location. The floor would become a suitable 'background' for the openings and a good soil for the Curatorial Training Programme that was accommodated there from September 1994