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The Remote Archivist – Series 05…

The Remote Archivist – Series 05 issue 01 of 01

The Remote Archivist – Series 05 issue 01 of 01
Jacquine van Elsberg
de Appel, Amsterdam, 2022
1 pages, English
folded affiche


This is The Remote Remote Archivist surprise issue 05, lovingly crafted for a special occasion. This Archivist – yours truly – has been taking care of the Appel Archive for 20 years, and received this special issue as a gift, and remains humble and happy, grateful to all the allies who have made the archive what it is today. The artists, the curators, the directors, also interim, the researchers and the curious, the walker-ins and the passers-by, the neighbors and the far-away. The staff of De Appel, that knows how to throw a good party and all previous staff members and work forces. I want to specially thank the friends of the archive who have sent their beautiful entries and Martha Jager, Bardhi Haliti, Zuzana Kostelanská, Matt Hinkley, Jacquine and Hannah Cheney for hi-jacking The Remote Archivist and making this special one.

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