Ensemble refers to a polyphonic interplay between a group of people.

Every Ensemble has been developed together with different communities and brings together all kinds of voices in relationship to the social, economic, and physical context of Amsterdam Nieuw-West. We bring people together on the basis of common skills such as cooking, dancing, reading, sewing or making music. The Ensembles stimulate ideas, activate our bodies and motivate further personal development.

This programme started with an orientation phase in 2017 and in 2018 we realised the Ensemble of Memories with the Kurdish community in the Netherlands, Ensemble of Skills with The Beach, Ensemble of Movemements with Christiaan De Donder, Sedrig Verwoert and Ru Paré Community.

In 2019, the Ensemble-programme explored the possibilities of the use of textile with different communities in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. From this, The Shadows Assembly emerged, consisting of textile studios De Draad, Het Anker en Ru Paré Community. With a focus on the social aspects of working with textile they connect craftmanship with heritage to create new stories, new connections and new (potential) communities. In 2020/2021 the artwork that The Shadows Assembly made together with artist Hana Miletić was part of the exhibition Sense of Place in the Amsterdam Museum. From 2021 The Shadows Assembly will continue working with new artists.

The Shadows Assembly is Brahim Bouriche, Filiz Azan, Gizlen Adda, Gül Yildirim, Hannah Yaqubi, Iman, Indra Sewgobind, Itto Kadri, Jamila Echjijem, Jennilee van Dams, Joan Nieuwendam, Melissa Robles de Medina, Mouna Essaidi, Nadia Sbai, Nahid Mia, Naima Ouaamar, Rita Oosterling, Saliha Jawhari.