School Workshop Tamás Kaszás

School Workshop Tamás Kaszás

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam

What will happen when our current economic system crashes and, simultaneously, all technology ceases to exist? How could we live together? Tamás Kaszás answers these self-formulated questions by imagining do-it-yourself techniques for survival. His exhibition SCI FI AGIT PROP was on view at De Appel from January 27 to March 31, 2018.

The exhibition consists of sculptures that could be recognised as functional objects, together with graphic material such as posters and flyers. His art works speculate on questions of collective and solidarity-driven survival techniques for the future. In a world without machines and electricity, will we go back to the ways of living we had the past? How will we get drinking water? How can we communicate without Facebook or WhatsApp?

For the exhibition of Tamás Kaszás we developed a series of workshops for elementary schools. These workshops consisted of two parts. In the first part, the children experienced and investigated the work of Kaszás. What do you see? What kind of visual language does the artist use? What is it about? How do you image the future if our current technology ceases to exist? How can we still communicate and live with each other? The students could visualise their ideas in image and/or text.
The second part of the workshop has been developed in collaboration with the Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam. Here, the students dive deeper into the substantive message and visual language of Kaszás. The images consist posters and pamphlets with a written message. What do they say? With the image of the future the children created earlier, they continued their investigation. Which pamphlet do they want to create themselves? What message could they put on there? And how? Which actions will they call for?
During this workshop the children thought about new forms of living and how they could shape their ideas in order to communicate them through image or text. The students also learned to critically think about the concept of time (past and future) and the 'sustainability' of our current technology. 
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