Tamás Kaszás Workshop

Tamás Kaszás Workshop

The Beach, Notweg 38, Amsterdam

To connect the SCI FI AGIT PROP exhibition to the urban context of De Appel, Tamás Kaszás organized a series of workshops with our neighbours. These workshops took place throughout the production period of the exhibition and were organized in collaboration with The Beach, a hub for “sustainist design”.

During the workshops, Kaszás introduced his artistic practice and formulated a question to the group: What would happen if our current economic system crashed and, simultaneously, all technology ceased to exist? The ensuing discussion focused on the local context of the participants, Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

During the workshops the participants analyzed their current living environment by highlighting important issues. These issues or ideas were put into different visual languages on linocut and printed onto posters. These posters feature in the SCI FI AGIT PROP exhibition. The workshops stimulated a discussion about how prints are a common form of sharing information, and how they might be used to create agitation within the community of Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

Big thanks to The Beach: Johannes Nerajo Papa Sako Loyd Man Kheira Bridji Jan Bijster Mohammed Bouyzgarne Diana Krabbendam.

EDITIONS #03 Tamás Kaszás

collection (unintended), 2018

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