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Marshalore – You Must Remember This

Marshalore – You Must Remember This

Marshalore – You Must Remember This, 00:24:28
de Appel, Amsterdam
00:24:28, English
mp4, MPEG, U-Matic, colour, black/white


The tape is a set of colour sketches linked by black-and-white episodes where Marshalore sings accompanied by a piano player.
In the first sketch we see the artist dressed up as a school girl. She drinks milk while telling that she doesn’t like it at all, but her mother persists that if she wants to grow up into a beautiful girl she should drink a lot of milk. She shows the wedding portrait of her mother and father and says that she wants to be beautiful like her mother and sister. Later on with tears in her eyes she tells that her parents didn’t take picture of her neither when she was a baby, nor when she was five years old or older. In their words, after her sister and brother were born, they’ve become tired of taking baby pictures. But the girl questions whether it was because she is not beautiful.
In the second sketch Marshalore is putting makeup on her face. She underlines her eyes and puts the same colour on the contour of her lips, arranging her hair in between. She looks restless, her eyes melancholic, but she keeps on putting the make-up. Then she sips red wine from a glass and lights a cigarette. She puts a shimmering scarf on her neck. She repeatedly utters: “I want to be cool, I want to be relaxed, I want to be calm”.
In the last sketch we see only hands shuffling the cards. The cards are distributed for the game of patience. Meanwhile, a female voice-over tells a story of a bartender who served coffee with sperm instead of coffee with milk to beautiful women.
As a background for the credits the artist uses the recordings of riots and armed conflicts.

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