'Black Ice' een mini-bar project

'Black Ice' een mini-bar project

de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam
Bij de kassa in de entrée van de Appel realiseren studenten van het Curatorial Programme een mini-presentatie in een mini-koelkast. Dit maal heeft Magdalena Ziolkowska (PL, 1981) Lucja Pindor uitgenodigd.

[...] He followed her down the hallway, an anonymous corridor that could have
been in a thousand different hotels all over the world. She balked when he
unlocked the door, and he gave her a little nudge over the threshold. The look
she gave him would have paralyzed a lesser man.
"Go into the bedroom and take off your clothes," he said.
"Go fuck yourself."
He laughed. "You've got cuts and burns all over your arms and legs, Chloe.
You need them tended to, and you need to rest Trust me, I have no interest in
touching you beyond getting you in shape to leave tonight"

Anne Stuart, Black Ice

Anne Schiffer – Rocks

collection (unintended), 2007

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