RADIO 2 UNLIMITED with Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee…

RADIO 2 UNLIMITED with Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, Willem de Ridder (Footnotes #5), and others

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam
Join us for our fourth 2 UNLIMITED event, and Footnotes #5:
Willem de Ridder, The Walk (remix version) In 1981 De Appel premiered the Radio Art Resonance artwork “The Walk” by Fluxus artist Willem de Ridder. Its participants departed from De Appel on a strange, wonderful journey through the Netherlands, accompanied by instructions from Willem de Ridder on cassette tape and via Dutch radio. On August 18, in a live public radio broadcast hosted by Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, several individuals will repeat “The Walk” and report from the field on their observations and experiences live via the radio. Additionally, various archival material of The Walk will be viewable as part of the exhibition 2 UNLIMITED. Interspersed with reports from the Walk broadcast, Femke Dekker (Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee) and artist Zazie Stevens will interview a range of special guests connected to 2 UNLIMITED and Amsterdam art and culture at large, including: Willem de Ridder, Experimental Jetset, Abel Minnee, Petra Ponte & Najiba Brakkee (Ballroom / Live Love Work), Niels Albers & Malissa Canez Sabus, Willem Sjoerd van Vliet and Soundtrackcity. All parts of this programme are free and open to the public. Food and drinks will be available by donation
Biographies 'Walkers' (2018):

Abel Minnée was born in 1988 in Amsterdam and received a BFA in photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. His work is often engaged with the medium photography itself, researching the construction of the image, the capacities of the camera and the application of the photographical image in popular visual culture.

Renate Zentschnig trained as a theater scientist at the UvA and has been active as a theater maker since 1992. She obtained her MA at Dasarts in 2004 and has since worked as a filmmaker/visual artist/sound artist. She founded the artist initative Soundtrackcity, which examines how city noise can contribute positively to the residential climate of the city.

Hylke de Jong did walk the walk in 1981. With his companion Andre Tuinier he made an audioreport in which they talk about the things that happen during the two days walk.

The Dutch sound artist Cilia Erens pioneered the binaural sound walk since 1987. In her soundwalks, sound panoramas and ‘soundscapes’, she uses largely unmixed everyday sounds. In the absence of words, her work reaches deeper layers; ‘audible space’ is her speciality.

Willem Sjoerd van Vliet (1981) studied Dutch in Nijmegen and then went to the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In 2011 he graduated from the Beeld & Taal department. Since then he has been working as web editor for literary magazine De Gids. In addition, he is a writer, designer, artist, teacher, podcaster and DJ. The order varies per day. (http://wsvanvliet.com)

Poé Florians is a 9 year old boy living in Rotterdam. He likes, travelling, searching for fossiles, animals and swimming. When listening to the introduction of The Walk he said: 'What a strange voice!' Poé is accompanied by Martina Florians en Sasker Scheerder.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to support the event! Photos from the day:
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