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Gathering Flowers #1 – False Starwort

Gathering Flowers #1 – False Starwort

on group show
Linda Van Deursen, Helen Jungyeon Ku, Kim Nuiyeon, Haeok Shin
Hwawon, Seoul, 2020
Tastehouse, Seoul
152 pages, 180.0 × 110.0 cm, English, Korean
artists writing, book softcover, serial publication
979-11-90434-10-2 93600


Hwawon is an imprint of Mediabus. Hwawon focuses on the performative aspect of design practice in which design methodology crystalizes into the structure and materiality of an object. The first series of Hwawon, Gathering Flowers, begins with False Starwort.

Gathering Flowers is a project that presents both the process by which designer Haeok Shin’s interests and sttitudes become her means of design, as well as her intersection with various collaborators. The title of the project is borrowed from anthologia, the etymological root of ‘anthology,’ and it is a publication that gathers selected writings by a variety of authors on a specific subject, “as if (carefully) collecting flowers.” It also implies the approach and method of this project, recognizing the designer’s role as practitioner and author.

The project is rearranged in the relationship with the collaborators who interpret the words, thoughts, and imagery from a volume of texts and images collected by Haeok Shin, entitled ‘False Starwort.’

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