SoMeMeR uNSCHooL / SMMR NSCHL / oeeoou
Àngels Miralda

SoMeMeR uNSCHooL / SMMR NSCHL / oeeuoo convenes for memetic workshops, lectures, and plenary discussions on themes such as memetic activism in pedagogical contexts, memory, mimesis as a post-colonial talent, politics and the meme, and the meme as academic life-form. On a daily basis, ideological memers—those who meme for a social/political cause, not just for the LOLZ—contend with the awkward and uncomfortable moments of the thick institutions that they critique, often under obfuscated terms. These institutions wear. They are rigid, opaque, resistant/afraid/hostile to change, mostly due to lack of public accountability. What are the missteps, failures or frustrations, loopholes, victories, and hardships of laboring in this contested frontline? What personal toll does ideological memeing have on those who dedicate their energy to transferring public emotions into concrete institutional reform?

26–27 July, 10.00–17.00 daily (also accessible via Zoom*)
MOOOC (Minimal Open Online/Offline Course)

Online auditors and voyeurs may follow SoMeMer’s curriculum via Zoom. The NSCHL appears for a week of spinal-secretarial documentation, grey literature, and cultural remittance. After 2 days of SoMeMeR programming, a crew of print pirates will turn the uNSCHooL’s research and documentation into a 3-day publication. Money saved from making public via institutional access has been vigorously redistributed to as many collaborators as possible, looking for
un-European and diasporic pockets whenever loopholes manifest.
With the participation of: Àngels Miralda, @art.goss, Aya Maceda, Britt Wikström, Cengiz Mengüç, Clara Balaguer, Czar Kristoff, Eugi Manenti, Florian Cramer, Francesc Ruiz, Javier Fresneda, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Jamie Brands, Javier Fresneda, Marina Prada, @no.more.later, @sad_berg_covid_memes, Santiago Pinyol, Shailoh Phillips, Sven Lütticken, @under.the.table_UTT, and @wdka.teachermemes.

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MEETING ID 951 3301 4343


10-11h WARM UP Radio Chat
11–13h SUMMIT Channel Panel
13–14h BREAK
Workshop 1 CZAR KRISTOFF Meme-ory
Workshop 2 FRANCESC RUIZ Drawn Memes
17–1730h BREAK
1730–1830h GARDENING




MEETING ID 951 3496 3813

10-11h WARM UP Radio Chat
11–12h LECTURE Clara Balaguer
13–14h BREAK
16–1630h BREAK
1630–1730h GARDENING

TO BE DETERMINED is a loosely organized structure for leaking access to cultural capital, recently migrated to Rotterdam from Para aque City. TBD is curious about models of non-extractive research, diasporic remittance flows, rehabilitating the body public/published body, mutual industry, and secretarial agency. Although still in a laborious process of determining how it must operate within a foreign landscape, TBD can confirm it is (still) comprised of sleeper cells and yet-to-be-determined Trojan horse networks that activate-deactivate in response to external factors: abundance to be distributed, urgencies to be addressed, or leisure to be.

ESCUELA DE GARAGE (Garage School) is a free and open program that changes in subject and structure with each iteration, an infrastructure in perpetual crisis.The form and temporality of each escuela is shaped by the subject that it explores, the people who constitute it, and the context in which it takes place. The overall goal of the EDG is to continually and collectively unlearn. Right now the escuela is engaged in a long term research on micropolitics, particularly working with fermentation as a very real metaphor and potential for change by decentering the human and gregorian flow of time. The escuela is (dia)sporicaly living in Basel, Rotterdam, and Bogota, entangling itself in different collaborations.

TEMPORARY UNRELEARNING ACADEMY is a migratory school currently based in Calabarzon, Philippines, interested in queering artistic and cultural formation/production through occupying common/uncommon spaces, embodying spirits, and amplifying vernacular language and tools through shadow work/library.