Formation Camp

Formation Camp

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam

Formation Camp*
July 7 - August 22

Opening 7 July, 5-7 pm

*A formation camp is an anarchist tradition whereby different groups convene every summer to draw ideological blueprints of worlds that are already possible. As a rendering in time and space of our own work in de Appel’s Curatorial Programme 2020/2021, this public offering will host diverse interventions attuned to a common aspiration of making and thinking with community.

Àngels Miralda, Edwin Nasr, Hera Chan
Laura Castro, Masha Domracheva

de Appel is honoured to present the final outcomes of the 2020/2021 Curatorial Programme (CP) whose participants arrived in Amsterdam during an extraordinary time of social transformation. Drawing on their respective experiences of history, present and future, each forged new alliances. These now begin to materialise inside de Appel’s aula and linked sites as the five sessions of Formation Camp:

een Kamer naar het hart
Farida Sedoc & Lidwien van de Ven with Hera Chan 

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