Donn Aron "Implied contact"

Donn Aron "Implied contact"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
'Implied contact is the collective title of a series of films. They are presented as performances in as much as the film image is projected onto a stage setting where both pictorial elements and sounds from the film are viewed simultaneously with live activities. The film and the live elements form a composite image, occuring alongside one another, manoeuvring about a flat surface. The work develops around the use of simple games and tasks for two players. A voice dictates commands to both film subject and real subject. During the game process both players ignore the mechanical limitations of the film. As they perform within these limits a kind of affirmation, and finally, mutual understanding occurs between them.' (Donn Aron, New York July 1977, invitation De Appel, September/October 1977.)

Donn Aron – Implied Contact

archive, 1977

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