Emily Wardill “windows broken break…

Emily Wardill “windows broken, break, broke together”

de Appel, Jongensschool, Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 59

Opening Friday September 17, from 6 pm onwards

Structured around an ongoing dialogue between British artist Emily Wardill and artist/curator Ian White, the solo exhibition “windows broken, break, broke together” is the most extensive exhibition of Wardill’s films to date. Described as ‘brilliant cinematic labyrinths. Visually striking and playfully rigorous’ the films occupy wildly different stylistic positions as a means of re-animating the ways in which form can become the unquestioned carrier of meaning – by the way in which meaning is implied through metaphor or example, inscribed by case studies, fictionalised in props or interpreted in art criticism, status symbols and as the evidence of crime.

Wardill poses fundamental questions about perception, representation, the relationship between politics and linguistics and probes the mysteries and mechanisms of human communication, reconfiguring ideas of and as experience. Sound and music are an integral part of the work.

Three public lectures by Emily Wardill and Ian White mark the beginning, middle and end of the exhibition. Conceived as a triptych they respond to the themes of the show in both form and content, proposing three different routes through the work on display and three different attempts at embodying knowledge. The lectures also provide the structure for the publication ‘We are behind’ that accompanies the exhibition, published by de Appel arts centre and Book Works, London.

The exhibition will present six 16 mm films and one video projection:

“Born Winged Animals and Honey Gatherers of the Soul”, 2006, 16mm, 9’
“Basking in what feels like 'An Ocean of Grace' I soon realise that I am not looking at it, but rather, I AM it, recognising myself”, 2006, 16mm, 8’
“Ben”, 2006, 16mm, 10’
“Sick Serena and Dregs and Wreck and Wreck”, 2007, 16mm, 12’
“SEA OAK”, 2008, 16mm Installation, 51’
“The Diamond (Descartes Daughter)”, 2008, 16mm, 10’
“Game Keepers without Game”, 2009, video projection with 5.1 sound, 72’

Events in the context of the exhibition:

Sun. 19 Sept.
4 pm Public lecture 'The Object' by Emily Wardill and Ian White and Book Launch “We are behind”

Sun. 24 Oct.
3 pm Free guided tour
4 pm Public lecture 'The Window' by Emily Wardill and Ian White

Sun. 21 Nov.
3 pm Sunday School: one work of the exhibition becomes subject of close reading by Jacob Korczynski (Curatorial Programme 2010/2011)
4 pm Public talk 'The Theatre' by Emily Wardill and Ian White

Sun. 28 Nov.
3 pm Free guided tour

Reservations via reservation [​at​] deappel.nl.

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archive, 2010