de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam

‘The exhibition Hybrids shows newly created forms in nature and the reactions and comments they elicit from visual artists. Genetic modification and other biotechnological interventions have resulted in new forms. Properties such as colour, size and shape, which are what make a species a species, are switched and changed by biotechnicians. Endive was always white, but now it’s also available as red endive. Flies appear with fourteen eyes, frogs with several heads, tulips are black and mice white. A giant ear on legs in the painting of hell by Hieronymus Bosch is surpassed in absurdity by a recently developed mouse with a human ear on its back. Hybrids shows that the imagination is no longer the exclusive territory of artists. Images arising from new scientific developments are often more absurd than the wildest fantasy. A number of artists who are responding to and commenting on the hybrids of ‘science as art’ have been invited to present their work.’ (Press release, De Appel) Catalogue: Hybrids, 1997. Art Orienté objet, Matthew Barney, Mat Collishaw, Mark Dion, Maria Eichhorn, Thomas Grünfeld, Carsten Höller, Daniëlle Kwaaitaal, Matt Mullican, Orlan, Marc Quinn and Q.S. Serafijn. Text: Saskia Bos, Clive Kellner, Adam Szymczyk, Annie Fletcher and artists. Dutch & English. 88 pp., 9 f.c., 26 b.w., 16.5 x 21 cm. Soft cover. Design: Irma Boom. Best Book Design Award 1998. ISBN 90 73501 36 9. € 15,-.

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