Morning Circle: Symposium

Morning Circle: Symposium

de Appel, Tolstraat 160, Amsterdam

Image: Der Struwwelpeter, Heinrich Hoffman (1845)

As part of Basma al-Sharif's solo exhibition The Place Where I was Condemned to Live at de Appel, the artist will present research from her new work Morning Circle in a symposium and workshop that critically examines the ways in which Western cultural hegemony fails to see immigrants as integral to their populations by exploring one of the most vulnerable spaces, the kindergarten, as a space of potential reform.

During the symposium, Basma al-Sharif will present her previous work as well as her research around the new work Morning Circle and how she intends to develop it as a film and long-term project. Nadine Blankvoort will present her research on integration policies in The Netherlands and how the everyday practices of migrant families are represented, problematised and controlled within knowledge production practices in this country. They will then engage in a discussion with each other and the audience.

The symposium takes place on Friday 28 June between 4-6pm. There is a limited capacity for this symposium. You can purchase a ticket by clicking the button below.

Basma al-Sharif

Palestinian artist/filmmaker Basma al-Sharif explores cyclical political histories and conflicts. In films and installations that move backward and forward in history, between place and non-place, she confronts the legacy of colonialism through satirical, immersive, and lyrical works.

She received an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2007, was a resident of the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in 2009, the Pavillon Neuflize OBC at the Palais de Tokyo in 2014-15. She received a Jury prize at the Sharjah Biennial in 2009, was awarded a Visual Arts of the Fundación Botín in 2010, Mophradat’s Consortium Commissions in 2018, she was a fellow of the Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme for 2022-2023 and was nominated for the Prix Aware for 2024.

Al-Sharif’s Major exhibitions include: the Ruttenberg Contemporary Photography Series for the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, Modern Mondays at MOMA, CCA Glasgow, the Whitney Biennial, Here and Elsewhere at the New Museum, Berlin Documentary Forum, and Manifesta 8. Her films have screened in the international film festivals of Locarno, Berlin, Mar del Plata, Milan, London, Toronto, New York, Montreal, and Yamagata amongst others. Basma is based in Berlin and represented by Galerie Imane Farés in Paris.

Nadine Blankvoort

Nadine Blankvoort is a critical researcher in topics related to migration and integration. She is a PhD Candidate at Maastricht University and based at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the research group Participation and Environment. Within her research Nadine uses Critical Discourse Analysis methodologies to uncover dominant and marginal discourses on  integration in documentation such as pamphlets, textbooks, tests and websites, but also in policy documents. Additionally, she applied ethnographic methods to explore new technical practices in migrant integration governances. What messages do migrants receive about what to do in order to integrate? How should they live to show that they are 'integrated'? And what impact does this have on their lives in the Netherlands? 

Nadine is the co-chair of the Civic Foundation; a foundation which attempts to stimulate discussion on a fundamentally different perspective on civic integration and integration in the Netherlands. As a researcher, Nadine is engaged broadly with topics on critical reflexivity and engages with decolonial and feminist theoretical perspectives. She is motivated by the space of combining scholarship with art, as a way to challenge dominant narratives in society.