Housewarming: The Diver by Jumana Emil…

Housewarming: The Diver by Jumana Emil Abboud and Translating Ulysses by Aylin Kuryel and Fırat Yücel


10:00 - 16:00
The Diver
Screening by Jumana Emil Abboud 6 min video (on loop)

18:00 - 19:15
Translating Ulysses
Film Screening by Aylin Kuryel and Fırat Yücel

19:30 - 20:30
Conversation with Aylin Kuryel and Fırat Yücel

RSVP required: there is a limited capacity for this program, please reserve a spot by mailing reservations@deappel.nl.

The Diver, 2004
Jumana Emil Abboud 6 min video, on loop

The video narrative tells the story of a Diver who is anonymous in gender, name, and nationality, and is on an endless search to find ‘Heart’. The places the Diver visits are nameless, referred to only as "earth, sea, sky, and snow." They are unclaimed territories the Diver passes through on his/her quest for ‘Heart’. Using the diving suit as the ultimate veil, disguise or defense mechanism, the Diver’s world (as his/her identity), is somewhat ambiguous, unknown, unclaimed.

Translating Ulysses, 2023
dir. Aylin Kuryel and Fırat Yücel

71 min. Dutch and Turkish with English subtitles
Kawa Nemir is like a walking dictionary of Kurdish language. Whenever he hears a new word or an idiom, he records it and he never forgets. Considering the Kurdish language his home, he wanders from one exile to another. But how to transfer this collective memory into paper? With its vast, infinite range of words, symbols and anti-colonial resonance, James Joyce’s Ulysses becomes an obsession for him. A translation that would incapsulate all the Kurdish words and idioms he collected throughout the years. Exhausted from political prosecutions and language ban, he flees Turkey and takes refuge at Anne Frank’s former house in Amsterdam, now serving as residence for exiled writers. Will he be able to finish the translation of Ulysses and publish it?

Jumana Emil Abboud

Jumana Emil Abboud (born 1971, Shefa’amer) lives and works in Jerusalem and London and is currently pursuing a practice-led PhD at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Her interests lie in oral histories, the investigation of personal and collective stories and mythologies, particularly, folk tales and their sites of being and unbeing. Over the last two decades, Abboud’s work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including Cample Line, Scotland (2023), Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2023), Biennale of Sydney (2022), Documenta 15 (2022), Common Grounds: Story / Heritage, Casco Art Institute, Utrecht (2020); The Jerusalem Show (2018); Sharjah Biennial off site (2017); BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (2016); Venice Biennial (2015, 2009); and Istanbul Biennale (2009), among many others.