Housewarming: Mourning Sociality by…

Housewarming: Mourning Sociality by Raoni/Muzho Saleh and Caer Ascendiendo by Francisca Khamis Giacoman


13:00 - 13:00
Doors open

Mourning Sociality, gathering by Raoni/Muzho Saleh

Caer Ascendiendo, performance by Francisca Khamis Giacoman

RSVP required: there is a limited capacity for this program, please reserve a spot by mailing reservations@deappel.nl.

Mourning Sociality
(in the honor of Professional Mourners around the world) by Raoni/Muzho Saleh

Mourning Sociality is a ceremony facilitated by choreographer Raoni/Muzho Saleh, that centers socialising through the collective practice of grief. It is a 4 hour participatory event that honours collective gathering by way of moaning and mourning as an expression of love for loss. This space centers the sorrow that comes with the violence of the settler colonial psyche and structures. The intention for this gathering is to collectively practice loving our broken heartedness without the need to fix anything. In this space wailing and lamenting rhythms is encouraged by other trembling voices so that we do not have to suffer in loneliness and numbness. Everyone is welcome to participate in this communal moment, but due to limited capacity, reservations are necessary. Please send an email to reservations@deappel.nl. You will receive more information about this event upon reservation.

Caer Ascendiendo (Fall Ascending), 2022
by Francisca Khamis Giacoman with performers Sancha Meca Castro and Nara Gonçalves

Two performers unfold an object in response to a set of instructions. Embedded within these instructions is the unfolding of a story—the narrative of the artists’ family migration from Palestine to Chile, highlighting its connection to the textile industry, specifically through the creation of a parachute. The parachute was crafted by the artists’ father and brother and sent as a package to her. The parachute remains at de Appel during the span of the Housewarming programme.

This program is part of Stressing Solidarity: four gatherings on Palestine. The genocide against the people in Palestine has been going on for more than 160 days. It's of vital importance to stay connected and vocal about the Palestinian struggle. De Appel, the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam), Framer Framed and Kunsthal Gent, together with Disarming Design from Palestine host four gatherings to create a platform and to consider implications on the future of Palestine. Other events taking place are:

21+22 March: Disarming Design from Palestine, Learning To Unlearn in Kunsthal Gent
22 March: University of Amsterdam
23 March: Symposium: Witnessing Palestine through Art and Architecture in Framer Framed

Francisca Khamis Giacoman

Francisca Khamis Giacoman (Chile, 1988) is an artist based in Amsterdam. In performances and installations, she recollects stories of migration and unfolds them at the boundaries of fiction and materiality. Her video and sound works use family archives to focus on the solidification of in-between identities. Khamis Giacoman has exhibited her works at various places including Biblioteka in London, ExtraCiy in Antwerp, Rozenstraat in Amsterdam, Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, Kunstverein in Amsterdam, PuntWG in Amsterdam, Stroom in Den Haag and Gold+Beton, Cologne. She was recently an artist in residence at BAU in Amsterdam. 

Raoni/Muzho Saleh

Raoni/Muzho Saleh (1991 AFG/NL) is an artist with a bachelor degree in Literary and Cultural Analysis (UvA) and a bachelor degree in Choreography (SNDO). His work is influenced by fugitivity, a revolutionary movement that shapes his artistic vision. By dancing through the gender spectrum, Raoni has developed a unique movement practice that emphasises becoming “other” and choreographing a continuous state of incompleteness. Through the use of materials such as fabrics, textile, dough, voice and text, Raoni invites a serious kind of play into the space where both spectators and performers can become immersed in otherworldly narratives. His intimate relationship with the materiality of artistic practice allows for an ongoing negotiation of a wayward becoming.