The Next Episode

The Next Episode

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam + Online

The Next Episode with Jaleesa Clows and special guests

The Next Episode introduces positive and creative sounds from Amsterdam Nieuw-West. In collaboration with de Appel, radio host Jaleesa Clows presents this new radio programme to give sound to the many voices from Nieuw-West. Who are these Westsiders? How creative is the neighborhood? And what will the future bring Nieuw-West?

New broadcasts every Thursday evening in May at 8pm (CET) and repeated on Saturday afternoon at 4pm (CET) on Radio SALTO 106.8 FM. Many thanks to our worldly neighbours for their generous contributions to each episode.
You can listen to recordings of earlier broadcasts below.


Episode #1: 'Vroegaah' - with Maaike Lauwaert, Derya Özturk and Tres Navy
Episode #2: 'Jonge Makers' - with David Smeulders, Hannah Sewell and D.S.A.
Episode #3: 'Van wie is Nieuw-West?' - with Fouad Lakbir and Hessel du Mark
Episode #4: 'Schetsen voor de toekomst' with Esmaa Alariachi, Rosa te Velde and Lindsey Spier

About Jaleesa Clows

Jaleesa Clows (1990) was born and raised in Amsterdam West. After her arts, communications and media studies in the Netherlands and Suriname she found her place in the music world, as a programmer. Soon her interest focused on radio and she has presented her own radio programme Young Urban Sound at SALTO Amsterdam for the past four years. She has also gained valuable experience as a producer at the radio station FunX. Currently Jaleesa explores new opportunities as a freelancer, making radio and podcasts.

Listening to her story, admiring her style, we invited Jaleesa to conceive and produce a radio transmission from within the iconic Aula of the school building at Schipluidenlaan 12 (once Pascal College and Calvijn College, now Broedplaats Lely), which de Appel calls home since 2017. As the area changes, Jaleesa passes the mic to our worldly neighbours to share their memories, their lyrics and their visions for the future of Amsterdam. Produced with the Team of de Appel and Kees van Zelst.

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