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Barbora Klimova – Replaced

Barbora, Klimova – Replaced

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Barbora Klimova
Barbora Klimova
Barbora Klimova, 2006


This is a catalogue booklet for Klimova’s Replaced-Brno-2006 project. Of this project, Klimova has said β€˜I chose five performances by five artists that took place in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 80s. The main selection's prerequisite was that the performances were conducted (or could have been conducted) in a public space. Instead of composed, clearly identifiable performances, gestures or acts that bordered on normal behavior suited my plan. I was interested in what way a public space and everything related to it (politics, urbanism, architecture, as well as social conventions and rules related to certain places) was transformed.’

β€˜I met with almost all the artists of the original performances and spoke with them of their experiences and why they carried out such performances. It became evident that, besides a probe into public space, my project would reflect and alter the way we now view their performances.’

β€˜Simply put, it was meant to show what happens when we transfer a previously documented gesture to a completely transformed reality.’

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