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David Weber-Krebs & Alexander Schellow…

David Weber-Krebs & Alexander Schellow "Een Voorspel"

Restaurant La Place, Oosterdokskade 143

photo: Alexander Schellow

‘I look around and see the space as I have never seen it before.’ K. Keijer, Het Parool

Foreplay conveys anticipation, hope and seduction – an intimation of something to come, a promise not yet fulfilled. “Een Voorspel” (Foreplay) is also the title of a new performance that David Weber-Krebs (BE/DE) and Alexander Schellow (DE) have conceived on behalf of de Appel. In “Een Voorspel”, Weber-Krebs and Schellow offer an unorthodox sequel to the performance “Miniature”, which they realized in March 2009 to celebrate the end of de Appel’s abode in its former premises in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, Amsterdam.

“Een Voorspel” offers each individual visitor a highly personal experience in the form of a walk to, and through, an enigmatic location. Weber-Krebs and Schellow use tiny interventions to create a situation in which they explore the borderline between reality and imagination, between factuality and fiction. The subtle way they evoke expectations and channel perception prompts the participant/spectator/visitor to look anew at a special location in the city of Amsterdam and think about it afresh.

Interlocutors: Anne Breure, Pablo Fontdevila, Noha Ramadan, Hendrik Willekens

Practical Information

Tickets: EU 7/ EU 3,5 (students)

The performances are for one person at a time and are taking place ongoing from 29 May up to 13 June, weekdays from 2.30 pm – 8.30 pm and in the weekend between 11 am - 6 pm. Reservation is necessary. To reserve a time-slot, please phone +31 (0)20 4703535.