From 2014 - 2016 the archive made a series of presentations in LocusSolus. Locus - a space in the basement of Prins Hendrikkade 142 - and Solus - a showcase on the 3rd floor - acted as vertical bookends that embraced De Appel. LocusSolus was a stage for the de Appel’s Archive alternated with projects by young artists, curators and researchers with themes such as: tactical research, performing the archive and story-in-storytelling.

Locus is a space for staging de Appel arts centre’s living past and lively present. Unravelling and dynamic, in black and white or full-colour HD, LocusSolus shows the fundaments of de Appel arts centre, her surroundings, the now and everything thereafter, to deepen and intensify her future.

Solus shows the gems from the collection of de Appel arts centre. Long-lost books, documents or new items that proudly represent her history and lively present, for the lonesome reader and keen viewers.

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