Tour: Edgelanders: Amsterdam on Trial / Part III: The Witnesses

Image by Catalina Reyes Navarro

Join artists Ehsan Fardjadniya and Raul Balai for a guided tour through their exhibition 'Edgelanders: Amsterdam on Trial / Part III: The Witnesses', where they will share about the works on display at de Appel and the overarching project.

In the art project Edgelanders the artists Ehsan Fardjadniya and Raul Balai build a (self organized) trial against the city of Amsterdam and thereby hold it to its ethical image and juridical obligations. They'll be gradually building towards a public trial against the city in the anniversary year of 2025. In the years leading up to that, they will collect evidence, hear witnesses and form the indictment. Through various presentation formats, exchanges take place with various stakeholders and residents of the city, such as undocumented migrants, citizens, politicians, lawyers and organizations that deal with this issue.

While the artists presented a first chapter in the form of an installation at the Amsterdam Museum in October as part of Refresh Amsterdam 2 and a performance and exhibition at Podium Mozaïek as the second chapter, a third chapter will be presented at de Appel, which is focused on the witnesses. The witnesses are the undocumented refugees. Through videos of interviews and conversations with them, Raul and Ehsan zoom in on their experiences living in a municipal shelter and struggle to collect evidence for the tribunal against the city of Amsterdam in 2025.