Inas Halabi – After the Last Sky: Finissage
With a screening of AKA Serial Killer and Radio Alhara

On Saturday 3 June we celebrate the finissage of the exhibition After the Last Sky. It will the last chance to visit the exhibition. We plan to hang out together while listening to the improv jazz track of AKA Serial Killer, which is a defining film for “landscape theory”, a point of reference in Halabi’s work. After the film screening we will listen to sounds from Radio Alhara, echoing how radio is featured in the displayed works. Snacks and drinks will be available. You are all welcome to join us, no need for registration.

AKA Serial Killer (1969)
86 min | Japan | Japanese with English Subtitles
Director: Masao Adachi

AKA Serial Killer is a documentary made up of landscape footage with voice-over commentary about Norio Nagayama, a nineteen-year-old Japanese man who committed four murders between 11 October and 5 November 1968. With his camera, Adachi retraces the young man’s footsteps across the country and films the landscapes that Nagayama most probably saw during his life, before and during his crimes. The filmmaker posits the ‘landscape theory’, an idea he formulated with anarchist intellectual Masao Matsuda, to explain Nagayama’s crimes. The theory views landscape as an expression of political and economic power relations. Here, he suggests that the young man’s violence could mirror a violence embedded in the landscapes in which he grew up. In an increasingly capitalist society, Adachi questions the way the media covers events and seeks an alternative to sensationalism.

Radio Al Hara
Launched in Palestine at the very beginning of worldwide lockdowns in March 2020, online radio station Radio Alhara provides a platform for discussion, listening, and community-building. The name, which translates to ‘the neighborhood radio’, is reflective of the nature of the station itself: a close-knit community emerging from the margins, yet open and accessible to the world, bridging boundaries and geographic obstacles.