Betina Abi Habib, Laa/t de/ zon/ in/ jou/ hart, digital collage, 2022

Intervention II
Betina Abi Habib: Sleep /wi/th a/n ey/e o/pe/n and/ you/ will/ see /your/self
Wednesday 28 September
19:00 – 21:00
Location: Theater van Deyssel, Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 91 in Amsterdam

With the lecture performance Sleep /wi/th a/n ey/e o/pe/n and/ you/ will/ see /your/self, Betina Abi Habib stages rectifications of Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “The sleeper in the valley” (French: “Le dormeur du val”). Remembering how she had to analyze, memorize and recite this poem in primary school, Abi Habib dissects its structure, lexicon, and rhyme to reconstruct a series of imagery that ‘she sees herself in.’ With this work, Abi Habib continues to explore the dynamic relationship between language and affect, translation and interpretation, memory, and the malleability of experience, through the life of a poem and the way it grew on and with her.

Betina Abi Habib (Libanon, 1993) is a visual and performance artist based in the Netherlands. With a focus on scriptwriting, her work explores adaptation of ‘canonical’ literature as a means of disclosing and unlearning. Abi Habib has obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut (2017) and a Master in Scenography from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (2020). Among her recent projects are the performances Pheadra Untrimmed (2022) and Baalat and her Double (2020).
We thank Theater van Deyssel for co-organizing this event.