Closing event Catching Up in the Archive 

The Archive accompanied by music of Loma Doom. Upcoming Sunday she will dive even deeper into the Archive. Everyone is welcome to join us. Video: Harald van Eck

Catching up in the Archive is a large-scale intervention on the digital and physical architecture of de Appel Archive by artist Mariana Lanari and Archival Consciousness. The exhibition raises questions regarding the possibilities of reading, researching and transforming the Archive and its infrastructure in our digital age. These questions were brought into focus during a two-month long public programme of workshops, presentations and ear-opening encounters with special guests, speakers and performers. Via, the online environment of the exhibition, you can find all the archival materials that have been captured by visitors throughout the exhibition.

We warmly invite you to join us on Thursday the 29th of May to celebrate the exhibition’s finissage. From 4:00pm onwards everyone is welcome in the Aula to navigate this expansive Archive display while listening to an Archive-based DJ-set by artist Loma Doom. There is no need to register for this event.