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Barbara Bloom – The Big Sleep 2

Barbara Bloom – The Big Sleep 2

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Barbara Bloom – The Big Sleep 2, 01:02:31
Barbara Bloom
01:02:31, English
mp4, MPEG, U-Matic, black/white


Barbara Bloom’s Big Sleep 2 is the appropriation of the film The Big Sleep (1946) based on a detective story by Raymond Chandler. The video begins with a commercial after which the voice-over gives a synopsis of the movie. Bloom’s part is this video is that she’s added one scene of her own. After 42 minutes she barely noticeably inserts a scene with a woman talking on the phone and asking the questions about the previous events in the film.
The Big Sleep 2 was first presented on October 13th 1977 in The Movies movie theatre in Amsterdam. From October 14th till 29th the artist exhibited the Big Sleep 2 in de Appel.