3 Movements

3 Movements

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam
De Appel’s autumn event and exhibition cycle foregrounds the elements of music and sound in aesthetic and critical practice. Through the works of Ben Russell, Terre Thaemlitz, and Evan Ifekoya, 3 Movements engages sound as sensation, as information, and as political act. The programme consists of three distinct curatorial modes of address, from immersive solo-exhibition to DJ-set to polyphonic sound installation, each an articulation of an idiosyncratic critical approach to sound, vibration, and auditory communication. Additional performances and public events will complement the three central components.

Good Luck (2017), Ben Russell

Ben Russell IT IS HERE/THIS WILL LAST FOREVER 4 October – 15 December 2018

This solo exhibition, the first by Ben Russell in the Netherlands, highlights the artist’s structural, vibrant, and multi-sensory approach to moving image art. Featuring two sonically immersive video installations, along with the premiere of a sonic sculpture, the works in IT IS HERE/THIS WILL LAST FOREVER constellate an imperfect picture of living dystopias and imagined utopias.

©Laurence Rassel

Terre Thaemlitz CRYING IN THE CLUB: A NIGHT WITH DJ SPRINKLES 11 October 2018 19.00-00.00 This night-long conversation and DJ-set featuring Terre Thaemlitz’s underground deep house moniker DJ Sprinkles addresses DJ-ing as a vital discursive act. Throughout the conversation and DJ-set that compose CRYING IN THE CLUB, Thaemlitz’s work as DJ Sprinkles will be approached on an analytical level, opening up its essayistic dimensions.

Throw Rewind Body Slowly (1990), Gasworks.

Evan Ifekoya A SCORE, A GROOVE, A PHANTOM, A CONGREGATION 18 January 2019 – 23 February 2019

This exhibition reconfigures two recent bodies of work by artist Evan Ifekoya: Ritual Without Belief (2018) and A Score, A Groove, A Phantom (2016 – ongoing). Both investigate topics of polyvocality, subjectivity, authorship, and collaboration. A Score, A Groove, A Phantom explores archives of blackness, sociality, and inheritance, while Ritual Without Belief introduces “an algorithm across generations, locations and political affiliations.”

3 Movements is sponsored by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Mondriaan Fund; and curated by Rachael Rakes and Niels Van Tomme.

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