Danielle Freakley – "Preaching the…

Danielle Freakley – "Preaching the Word"

de Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142, Amsterdam

On Saturday, October 22, Danielle Freakley will perform something with the audience at De Appel saluting Andy Kaufman via Elvis.


Danielle Freakley is an Australian born artist based in Perth/Melbourne. She’s half Seychelles Islander blooded and has drops of other blood curdling. She works in Performance, Sculpture, Interactive Installation, Drawing, Reasonably Shit Dancing, Sound and Text.

Her performances change daily social communication and relationships, exposing historical and lurking private projections and subtexts. This usually happens in collaboration with audiences who accidentally perform with her. She became a human art gallery for a couple of years. She spoke in referenced quotation for a few years in her daily public life.

She is a first selection finalist for the Arsenale of Venice Arte Laguna Prize, exhibited at the Tate and also throughout Australia and internationally in other various Biennials, Triennials, National Galleries, State Galleries, Contemporary Art Spaces, Kitchen Floors, Snake Temples, Ski Slopes, Aquariums, Theme Parks, Bins, Beaches, Train Station Toilets and Graves.

In the context of the exhibition Unresolved by Gabriel Lester, the artist has curated an extensive performance programme in which several other artists will take over the exhibition spaces.

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