Museum Night 2016

Museum Night 2016

de Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142, Amsterdam

During the annual Museum Night the Appel presents the following programme:

7 pm – 2 am
Gabriel Lester’s Unresolved
Is Gabriel Lester an artist? He says he is but should we trust him? Lester loves word games and has changed the title of his exhibition Unresolved several times: Unhappen, Apple Z, Extravaganza and who knows what else follows. Come and experience the extraordinary world of Gabriel Lester during Museum Night!

Performance Vaast Colson
8 – 9 pm
In the context of the exhibition Unresolved by Gabriel Lester, the artist has curated an extensive performance programme in which several other artists will take over the exhibition spaces. During the Museum Night it’s Vaast Colson's turn. Belgian artist Vaast Colson plans to perform two actions at de Appel in the context of ‘Unresolved’. The first action, ’Séance’ focusses on language, improvisation, mediation and the supernatural. Whilst in the second action, 'Lifter of things’ the emphasis lays on the natural, endurance and thus finally the inevitable.

Michael Gibbs
7 pm – 2 am
Michael Gibbs (1949-2009) was an English artist who lived and worked mainly in Amsterdam. Gibbs was a versatile man; next to an artist, he was also a poet, critic, editor, translator, editor and teacher. Gibbs was particularly interested in language. In all kind of different ways he investigated language to figure out how it worked, what the meaning was and which transformations were possible. In November, several presentations about artist Gibbs will be presented in various venues in Amsterdam and abroad. De Appel focuses on the artists' magazines Kontexts Magazin and Artzien, as well as a website featuring critical art on and about the Internet titled ‘Why Not Sneeze?’. These self-published magazines and virtual platform present a testament to Gibbs' love for language, literature and experimental art.

Stoorzender (Jammer)
8 – 11 pm
During the Museum Night students of the Image and Language department of the Rietveld Academy will recite poems and performances as a response to the work of Michael Gibbs. Language is material, bodies become words, and through interventions the spaces of de Appel will be reactivated.

Discover the artist in yourselves
7 – 10 am
In the exhibition Unresolved Gabriel Lester continuously addresses the imagination of the viewer. During the Museum Night, you can quickly create a piece of art that tells an intriguing story in one-way or another. Lester uses intuition and free association, while sometimes just using a simple Facebook post. You will receive a starting point from which you can associate yourself and which will eventually lead to a mysterious image, created with input from outside mixed with the your own artistic mind. First check out the exhibition for inspiration!

Meals with Moes
7 pm – 2 am
During the Museum Night, you can eat and drink with Moes, bar and restaurant in the basement of Appel

The full programme and tickets: Museumnacht