The Kippenberger Challenge

The Kippenberger Challenge

Opening: Tuesday 10 May from 5 - 7 pm
de Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142, Amsterdam

The „think today, done tomorrow" attitude of Martin Kippenberger was efficient and effective. It resulted in an annual average of 7.45 published books, catalogs and editions. The Kippenberger Challenge invites artists to implement this pace and style of work in one’s own artistic practice. The self-appointed participants take up The Kippenberger Challenge and fulfill 7.45 artist’s books in one year in order to celebrate the medium of artists books and at the same time not to take it too seriously hence lapsing into self-doubt.

There's a broad range of possibilities for what could be counted in the 7.45 book target, novels, artists' books in an edition of 4 or 5000, a calender or a six page supplement in a magazine. The content is produced entirely by the participants. It is an ongoing challenge, join by contacting mail@sevenpointfourfivebooks.eu anytime to start the year of 7.45 printed output.

On view and browsable in the library on Tuesday and Wednesday (2 - 6 pm) is the growing collection of publications presented with a choice from the collection of de Appel by the Kippenberger Challenge participants; Alex Farrar, Harry Meadley, Katya Robin, David Steans, Josh Whitaker and Aylwin Greenwood Lambert. Joshua Hart and Lou Hazelwood are still in the year of the challenge. The Kippenberger Challenge presentation will travel and be presented at 6.45 more library collections in the Netherlands.

The first participant that successfully finalized the Kippenberger Challenge, Alex Farrar, presents from May 11 until June 12 work in Locus in the souterrain of de Appel.


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